Friends of Kilbride Celebrate the Year of Young People with Family Open Day on July 21!

Inspired by the Scotland Year of Young People 2018, Friends of Kilbride is holding a Family Open Day in Lerags on Saturday, July 21 that will feature fun activities conceived by young people.

From, 2pm to 5pm, there will be fun activities for children, including traditional archery and falconry displays.


“At our Christmas Open Day last year, we were discussing some fundraising ideas and some of our youngest volunteers suggested that we hold an archery event,” said Friends volunteer Michelle McAnally. “As the Year of Young People 2018 aims to inspire Scotland through its young people by valuing their contribution to communities, we thought this was the perfect way to get in the spirit.”

There will be a pop up café offering teas, coffees and home baking, as well as tours of Kilbride and activities for the little ones. All ages can participate in archery with Lorn Longbows, and Paul of Finn Falconry will have a display of his beautiful birds of prey. Children must be accompanied by an adult.


“The Year of Young People 2018 provides a platform to promote and celebrate the talents, achievements and contributions of Scotland’s incredible young people,” Michelle said. “Our hard working volunteers, as young as 10, play an important role in preserving historic Kilbride Kirk and making it available for the community, as well as visitors from around the world. Whether helping with landscape maintenance or assisting with tours of the grounds, our young volunteers play an important role and we are proud that they have come up with the idea of an archery event for a community fundraiser.”

Kilbride Kirk, located three miles south of Oban on the Lerags road, is a historically important medieval church, graveyard and associated archaeological site dating to the Bronze Age. Friends of Kilbride is a charity dedicated to preserving the site and building on its millennia-old tradition as a gathering place for the community for social, cultural and educational purposes.



The public is welcome with entry by donation. From Oban, go south on A816 about two miles and turn right at the Lerags sign. Kilbride is about one mile down the glen, on the left just after the Celtic cross. Free parking is available.



Survey Monkey: Have an opinion about Kilbride? Please take a few moments to help us! 

Friends of Kilbride’s goal is to reveal the wealth of historical importance contained within this historic site for the education and interest of visitors, including tourists, local people, genealogists, archaeologists and historians.   Once preserved so that visitors may access it safely, we plan to provide an unrivalled visitor experience through the use of multi-media mobile apps, personal guides and illustrated boards.

We are conducting a brief survey on Survey Monkey to gauge the potential interest from the public in visiting such a site.   We also want to find out what your expectations would be if you were to visit Kilbride. It would help us greatly if you could spare a few minutes to take the survey by clicking here.

Thank you so much for your time!



The Church at Kilbride: A past too rich to have no future

Welcome to the website of Friends of Kilbride Kirk in Argyll, Scotland.

In 1249 Alexander II “granted the see of Argyll the Parish Church of St Bride the Virgin in Lorn”.

There are some 319 known graves at Kilbride, dating from as far back as the 13th century to the present day. But its history goes much deeper…

Located three miles south of Oban in Lerags, Kilbride Kirk has played an important part in Scotland’s history and is connected to figures such as Robert Bruce, Alexander II and the Clan MacDougall.

For hundreds, perhaps thousands, of years this has been a special place for prayer, contemplation and gathering, and Kilbride Kirk continues to play an important part in the community. Burials still take occasionally place in the graveyard, but this serene and sacred space also plays host to joyous congregations, such as weddings, historic re-enactments and family gatherings.

Kilbride was abandoned in the 19th century and left to ruin, but since 2000, a small, but plucky, group of volunteers have donated time, money and labour to rescue this important historic site from oblivion.

We are asking for your help. Won’t you join us in saving this precious piece of Scotland’s history from oblivion?



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