Friends of Kilbride

A past too rich to have no future

If these hills and stones could speak, they would tell the story of Argyll.

Historic Kilbride tells the history from the Bronze Age to the Druid Age, from the Reformation to the Jacobite Uprising, from the birth of modern Scotland to the birth of the British Empire. 

Kilbride offers peace and tranquillity, while providing a rich understanding of Scottish history, as told through the eyes of one community, much older than Oban, over thousands of years.

The site was abandoned in the 19th century and left to ruin, but since 2000, a small, but plucky, group of volunteers have donated time, money and labour to rescue this important historic site.Our volunteers have contributed more than £35,000 and thousands of work hours to date to make the site safe and available to visitors and the community. We achieved Historic Environment Scotland Schedule Monument status for the site in June 2019 and funded urgent preservation work and an archaeology dig in 2020.

Our Preservation Plan calls for urgent work to stabilise parts of the church. Without this work, the masonry is at risk of collapsing, risking our conservation efforts and making part of the site unavailable to visitors. Won’t you join us in saving this precious piece of Scotland’s history from oblivion?

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