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Ancient Mariner on the Road to Preserve MacDougall Heritage

By Colin MacDougall

The legend that is

Liam Griffin is to peddle his way from Glasgow to Edinburgh to raise funds for the important MacDougall site of Kilbride, just South of Oban.

For those that have yet to visit, Kilbride is a magical place in a hollow surrounded by rolling hills which will feature prominently in our 2019 Gathering.

Home to the decaying medieval church, the final resting place of one or two of our chiefs prior to 1737, the MacDougall burial aisle with the tombs of the MacDougalls of Dunollie since 1737 and the MacDougalls of Gallanach, a kirkyard that contains over a hundred named MacDougalls from the surrounding area and the Island of Kerrera as well as Commonwealth War Graves, one man and one woman have dedicated themselves to preserve what remains for future generations.

Liam and Myra Griffin have been caring for Kilbride for some time now and with a small group known as The Friends of Kilbride have been raising funds to consolidate the ruins. This is Liam‘s latest fundraiser and it would be terrific if we, as MacDougalls can help this ex sailor/diver in this venture. 45 miles is a fair distance, but for Liam at 71 years young, it will feel almost twice as long.

So I hope all will wish Liam well and for those that can contribute, I know that all monies raised go directly to Kilbride, and that all donations will be gratefully received. To donate online, click here. 

Good luck for the ride, and as I once heard Myra his wife shout from the front door-“Liam Griffin, on yer bike!”

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