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Christmas Star Lighting at Kilbride

The Christmas star will once again shine on Kilbride this Sunday 1 December! Please join us for the lighting of the star, along with festive goodies, kids’ games and fellowship.

Volunteer Liam Griffin invites everyone to the event, saying: “Thank you all for the support you have shown Friends of Kilbride over the last year-the coins in the collecting tin, sponsored bike rides, volunteer labour, professional advice free of charge-all the little and not so little things that are helping us to achieve our aims at Historic Kilbride. This is not a fund raising event, but is primarily aimed at the kids- after all, that’s what Christmas is all about. But we also just want to invite you along for a cup of tea or glass of wine or beer, and help the kids to count down to the  moment that as if by magic the Lerags darkness is pierced by our twinkling Christmas star. A STAR for all you STARS!”

See you all Sunday!

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