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Station 13 - The Empire

Station 13

Before you, you will see several graves which mark a turning point in Scottish history for the parishioners at Kilbride, particularly the notable MacDougall family. The gravestones here mark the burials of those who fought in the British Army during the first and second World Wars.


Take a moment to think back to the important figure mentioned earlier on the tour, Iain Ciar MacDougall; The MacDougall clan chief who was responsible for leading the Jacobite rebellions. The people buried within this section of the graveyard are the descendants of this same clan, however Iain Ciar was leading rebellions against the British Crown in favour of Bonnie Prince Charlie, but these clan members buried in the graves show how the times have changed and that they are now siding with the British. 


Please take a moment here to remember those who died during the World Wars and particularly those buried here at Kilbride and when you are ready please make your way through the nearby gate where you may proceed to Station 14 of the tour. 

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This audio clip was read by Mike Robertson.

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