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Station 10 - North Wall of Burial Aisle & Infant Grave 


In front you will see a cyprus tree which has grown between the ruins of the Kirk and North wall of the MacDougall burial aisle. 


At the base of this tree you will find a small but intricately carved gravestone erected by Alex Campbell, a local vintner, in memory of his child Sarah McCulloch Campbell whose little life was tragically cut short by scarlet fever on the 9th of October 1881 aged only 9 months old. Little Sarah died at 15 Combie Street, Oban and was buried here at Kilbride. Notice that the trees’ roots have grown around the gravestone, almost as though the roots were cradling the grave of the baby similar to how her mother Catherine McCulloch Campbell must’ve held her before her tragic death. 


Kilbride’s ecclesiastical history was at the heart of the lives of those who lived in and around the Glen and with life, also comes death. Therefore, remembering the deceased that are buried here is an important aspect of the sites history. If you wish, you may pause the tour here to take a moment to remember all those buried within the grounds of Kilbride. 


You will also see in front of you an obelisk, which is the monument to the Reverend Campbell. He once received a letter from the Chief of Clan MacDougall regarding the movement in Scotland to shut down all Public Houses. Mr Campbell responded that he agreed that all pubs were dens of iniquity and that he further agreed they should all be closed, so long as the pub at Kilbride (the white cottage you saw earlier from the hill) remained open as it provided a place of warmth and shelter for him to baptise the children, since the problem of damp within the Kirk was too great. 


When you are ready, please turn right and walk through the narrow passage which leads to the entrance to the MacDougall burial aisle. 

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This audio clip was read by Liam Griffin.

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