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Station 11 - Entrance to Burial Aisle & The McConachies/O’Connacher’s

Station 11

The burial aisle you can see before you was constructed in 1796 Around the grave of Iain Ciar MacDougall, an important chief of Clan MacDougall and Jacobite leader and the grave of his wife Mary MacDonald of Sleat. 


Before entering the enclosure, notice the grave which is closest to the entrance. The inscription gives the surname of the deceased as ‘McConachie’. The close proximity of the grave to the MacDougall burials would imply an important connection to the family. This important connection comes from the fact that the O’Connachers (which later became the surname McConachie) were apothecaries to Clan MacDougall for many centuries. 


Their important connection with clan MacDougall is reflected in the prominent position that their graves occupy close to the MacDougall burial aisle. 


When you are ready, please make your way through the arched entrance to the burial aisle where you will find yourself at the grave of Iain Ciar MacDougall and his wife, Mary.

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This audio clip was read by Clan Chief, Madam Morag MacDougall.

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