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Station 1 – Introduction


Welcome to Historic Kilbride. Before we start the tour, you might wish to have a look at the information board to your left, which will give you a brief introduction to some of the highlights you will see on your tour. There is also a map showing the location of all the graves in the churchyard – if you are searching for an ancestor this should help you locate them. Plus there is a folder in the kiosk which will tell you all we have been able to discover about the person in question.


You can pause the tour here if you need to.


Before we start the tour, there are a few things we would ask you to bear in mind. First, be careful. Please stick to the laid out paths, but be aware that they are uneven, and may be slippery. Please do not climb on, or interfere with the various structures as preservation work is ongoing. Finally, please at all times be respectful of the memory of all who lie here.


As you go round, you will notice wild flowers in bloom at various places. These are planted and maintained by volunteers, but there are always costs involved in keeping Kilbride looking its best. If you would like to contribute to our efforts, there is a separate QR code to scan in the kiosk which will enable you to donate by Paypal.


If you are ready to proceed, please climb up the stairs carefully, turn to your right and walk up to the larch tree where you will find Station 2.

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This audio clip was read by Liam Griffin.

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