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Station 2 - Kilbride Bell

Kilbride Bell 1.jpg

Upon the larch tree you will see a replica of Kilbride Bell. The original bell is kept in the cottage and can be viewed on request. There is also a copy housed in Dunollie Museum. It is believed to have been cast in Glasgow in 1786 and was onboard a ship headed for Maryland, America but the ship was wrecked on the sound of Kerrera, which is a waterway not far from Kilbride. The bell was rescued and gifted to Kilbride where – according to legend - it may have hung on a nearby aspen tree which had been brought from St Helena when Napoleon was a prisoner there. It was later placed within the Kirk. 


The replica was created on the 28th of August 2021 by Irene Gunston, Ros Adams and Bryn Richards using traditional bronze-casting techniques. The original Kilbride bell is unique because it was created far from Kilbride and wasn’t intended to be used there. In those days, it was custom that church bells were cast by bell founders who travelled to the church to create the bell there. 


You may click the link if you would like to watch a short video describing the historic bell casting in more detail.


Also, by the larch tree you will see our Christmas Star. This is hoisted up the tree every year during Advent, at which timer the ruins are also illuminated in hours of darkness.


When you are ready to carry on with the tour, please carry on up the hill to Station 3.

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This audio clip was read by Caroline Boswell

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