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New artist's suggested reconstruction brings Kilbride to life

Renowned historic reconstruction artist Andrew Spratt has created a suggested recreation of Kilbride Kirk before the 18th century. Using a modern photograph, Spratt generated a GIF, which we have converted to video.

Spratt was employed as a graphic Artist with the Scottish Examination Board while also doing history slide talks for SAGA. He worked as the Seasonal Custodian of Tantallon castle for nine years beside his father, who was the head custodian. It was at Tantallon that he first used his reconstruction paintings of Scottish castles and battles to explain Scottish history to the castle visitors. As a boy, Andrew was inspired by the work of the late Allen Sorrell who did beautiful reconstruction drawings of mostly English castles. He has produced hundreds of different castle/battle/event reconstructions for use in such publications as The Scots Magazine, East Lothian Life, Border Life and various History Society journals.

Suggested artist's rendering of Kilbride Kirk

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