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Archaeology work starts at Historic Kilbride

Report by Dr Claire Ellis, Argyll Archaeology

“Work has started at Kilbride church near Oban. The current church dates from 1706 but there is compelling evidence that a church stood here in the 13th century.

Last week we carried out a photographic survey of the west gable of Kilbride church, prior to consolidation works of the entrance. Careful examination of the interior elevation showed that there are two levels of internal joists, some of which have been infilled, indicating a rebuild and re-leveling of an internal floor or ‘choir’ stall.

The gable of Historic Kilbride’s medieval church urgently needs preservation work.

A carved piece of masonry has also been reused in the frame of the door and a number of cream/white dressed sandstone blocks have clearly been reused in the structure; are these blocks of sandstone derived from the original medieval church? On the Isle of Lismore white sandstone from Movern or the Isle of Mull was used to for the decorative carved elements, window and door frames as well as in the drip course of the 13th century cathedral, so perhaps we have a parallel at Kilbride.

What a beautiful site, well worth a visit.”

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