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Friends of Kilbride Raise Funds at The Barn’s Fun Day

By Liam Griffin

Each year, Mary Macleod and The Barn Bar organises a FUN(d) Raising day for a local charity, and this year, Friends of Kilbride were delighted to be the reipient of Mary’s endevours.

Well known for its home-style-cooking, its conviviality and not least its extensive single malt gantry, the award-winning Barn Bar is managed by  Herrach,- that’s a native of the Isle of Harris- Mrs Mary Macleod, assited by her hard working, cheery staff.

Too many to name individually, the whole Barn Bar team turned to and in less time it takes to say, “make mine a double, and a bowl of chicken goujons on the side,” Mary and her staff saw to it the bouncy castle was bouncing, the stalls were installed and the BBQ was stretching round the swing parl.

Fate played its hand too. The sun shone down un blinkingly.

Mary invited Friends of Kilbride to call up and collect a donation totalling a most generous £579.43: (ten pounds of which came from a stall holder who hadn’t been able to set up yesterday, but called in to the Barn Bar today just to add a ten pound note to the total.)

The odd pennies (and not a few pounds) came from the Barn Bar Friends of Kilbride collecting tin, which sits quietly in the corner of the bar, and into which customers drop their loose change. Amounting to more than £60, the wee green tin is living proof of the old Scots saying, “many a mickle maks a muckle!”

Friends of Kilbride thank you one and all. Thanks to Mary for assembling such a hard working, cheery, efficient charitable team, and setting them to turn out for Friends of Kilbride.

Thank you also to the staff of the famous Barn Bar for generously giving of your time and skills, and always with a cheery smile.

Thank you to the mums and dads, the grannies and grandpas, the weans and the teenagers, who turned up yesterday, dug deep into their pockets and contributed so generously to what was a marvelous FUN (d) raising day out.

We look forward to seeing everyone July 21st for the Kilbride Family Fun Day! 

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