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Imagine Alba Visits Kilbride

By Liam Griffin

Imagine Alba folks, Michelle and Rab Woods, turned up at Historic Kilbride yesterday, their luxury Ford Galaxy gleaming in the sunshine. Michelle and Rab were pretty gleaming themselves, smartly rigged out as they were.

Each tour is catered to the guests’ interests, travel style and pace, and includes highlights, hidden gems and fine cuisine, along with unique experiences that will make your visit extra special.

The pair offer private be-spoke tours of Oban and its environs to visitors and locals. Michelle is a historian, archaeologist and travel journalist from the United States, and along with Rab, a Glasgow native and long time Oban resident who knows Argyll like the back of his hand, they provide keen insight into the history and culture of the area. The couple have lived next door to Kilbride for years and are active “Friends of Kilbride”, providing consulting and media services to the charity.

Naturally, given the amount of effort these two Friends of Kilbride have put into supporting our aims and objectives, they can include a visit to Historic Kilbride in their itinerary.

The couple’s investment in their business and their wide knowledge of the venues they visit must surely be the highlight of any visitor’s experience. Friends of Kilbride wish Rab and Michelle well in their endeavours with “Imagine Alba.”

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