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Sign of the Times: Kilbride’s Scheduled Monument Status Signs Go Up

By Liam Griffin

Friends of Kilbride are delighted to announce that Historic Environment Scotland(HES) have amended the entry in the schedule of monuments which refers to Historic Kilbride.

Officially titled “ Kilbride Chapel, Church and Churchyard,” the site is now on the record as being of significant historical importance. The scheduling brings with it the burden of legislation surrounding such items as planning permissions and the like. However, Friends of Kilbride’s ambitions for the site soar a lot higher than meeting the minimum legal standards.

Our volunteers have already installed the official notices.

Given the iconic role Kilbride played in the history of Scotland and beyond these shores, it is our aim to preserve that history by ensuring the structures associated with Kilbride are stabilised and safely preserved. They can be the stage, the platform, upon which that epic history is told and re-told.

Already, Kilbride has hosted various events, already the lives and times of those interred here have inspired poet and songster, playwright and musician.

Kilbride has a past too rich to have no future. This latest step in our preservation journey is a step towards ensuring that future is available to all.

To donate to our new £16,000 preservation fund, please click here.

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