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Preserving Historic Kilbride with New Fundraiser

Kilbride, located three miles south of Oban, includes the ruins of a 13th Century church, Clan MacDougall’s memorial aisle and an extensive graveyard dating back many centuries. Historic Kilbride records the story of this part of Scotland, from at least the arrival of Christianity to recent times, and, in addition to Clan MacDougall, many Scottish clans are associated with it, including Campbell, Livingston, McIntyre and more.

Sadly, the site was abandoned for decades and fell into a ruinous state, until a local group resolved that its past was too rich to have no future and formed the charity Friends of Kilbride.

The gable of Historic Kilbride’s medieval church urgently needs preservation work.

Our volunteers have contributed more than £25,000 and thousands of work hours to date to make the site safe and available to visitors and the community. We achieved Historic Environment Scotland Schedule Monument status for the site in June 2019.

Now our Preservation Plan calls for us to urgently stabilise the west gable of the church, at a cost of £16,000. Without this work, the masonry is at risk of collapsing, risking our conservation efforts and making part of the site unavailable to visitors.  

Will you help us preserve this precious part of Scotland’s history?

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