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Liam’s Pedal for Scotland Fund(d)raiser brings in more than £1,000 for gable repairs

By Liam Griffin

I have just been told that a remarkable number of donors have sponsored my bike ride, but have done so “Anonymously.”

To those anonymous donors, I can think of no other way to say “Thank You,” and to acknowledge receipt of your donation, than to circulate this e mail to my entire “begging letter” list.  (Just this morning, Friends of Kilbride received notification that £70 has been received, again, “anonymously.” )

The event took place last Sunday, and began for me with a puncture, before I even reached the start!! Not only a puncture, but a back wheel puncture.

The repair involved dismantling the back wheel, with its associated “de railleur,” relatively complicated, gear change system. As a result, I disturbed that delicate setting, and was unable to access the big ring, I.E. top gear, for the rest of the course. However, given that my ageing bones seldom require me to access top gear, that problem was no great challenge!!!

My enthusiasm for the bike was fired by my Uncle Bill, when I was but a lad. Bill would cycle from his home in Cranhill, Glasgow, to my mum’s home in Stirling, paint and wallpaper her front room, kitchen or whatever, then cycle the 26 miles back to his Glasgow home…all the time, with the remnants of a roll-up cigarette stuck to his bottom lip! I paid homage to his memory by stopping to take a photo of his old home as we cycled along Edinburgh Road, Cranhill. Rest in Peace, Uncle Bill, thanks for introducing me to cycling.

I completed the 45 mile course in 4 hours and a half hours. At the moment, excluding this mornings two anonymous donations, my sponsors have raised in excess of £1,000: a magnificent effort by you all!!!

We’ve a bit to go yet, though, so if you haven’t donated and want to do so, please visit our web page. On behalf of Friends of Kilbride, I can only say “Thank You very much, it is appreciated,” to those who have already sponsored me.

Your  donations will be added to sums we have already garnered, and go toward the £15,000 we need for stage 3 of our Preservation Plan, the dismantling and stabilising of the west gable.

The gable of Historic Kilbride’s medieval church urgently needs preservation work.

For more information about Friends of Kilbride, why we exist and our aims and objectives, please visit the web page: Friends of Kilbride – Dedicated to the preservation of historic Kilbride in Argyll, Scotland

You’ll find a wonderful wee film produced at no cost to our charity by our volunteers. (and, of course, you’ll find various ways to donate even more of your hard earned cash for our worthy cause.!!)

Best wishes, and thank you again…Liam Griffin…volunteer, Friends of Kilbride.

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